Engineering the Marine and Harbor Infrastructure

CECON has undertaken a number of projects related to marine and harbor infrastructure, including the design of community wharves and breakwaters, Marine Service Centre Complexes and Quality Control Initiatives relating to the offload and handling of marine products. CECON has completed successful projects in this field in Change Islands, Fogo Island, Greenspond, Harbour Brenton, Tizzard’s Harbour and Little Bay East to name a few.

CECON Limited also has experience in the design and construction supervision of coastal ferry terminals and fish processing facilities and offloading stations in Change Islands, Fogo Island, Comfort Cove, Musgrave Harbour and New Wes Valley.


Projects have encompassed various areas of the industry including:

  • Fleet Protection- with the design of numerous community wharves and breakwaters throughout the Province
  • Fleet Servicing- with the development of Marine Service Centre Complexes
  • Quality Control- as it relates to the off-loading and wharf handling of the product, with the design of site facilities for the installation of mechanized off-loading and fish handling equipment.

A few of the Communities where we have undertaken such projects include:

  • Change Islands
  • Fogo Island
  • Greenspond
  • La Scie
  • Tizzard’s Harbour
  • Nipper’s Harbour
  • Harbour Breton
  • Snook’s Arm


Other marine related experience acquired by CECON includes the design and construction supervision of coastal terminals and potable water systems to fish processing facilities and off-loading stations in such communities as:

  • Change Islands
  • Comfort Cove
  • St. Brendan’s
  • Musgrave Harbour
  • New-Wes-Valley

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